BBA-Project Inc


At BBA, we pride ourselves on providing world-class procurement services and consulting to the transit industry. Our mission is to provide smarter, more streamlined service through a client-centric approach leveraging innovative thinking, technical proficiency and industry knowledge to create custom, procurement programs based on real time needs. and project specifications. We understand the importance of offering multiple capabilities and have developed a suite of services to allow our customers to choose the products and services that fit their needs.

Our staff is not only technically capable, but also possesses an in-depth understanding of the market place coupled with experience with many complex sourcing projects. The advantages we offer are many, but what we are proud of is our very basic ideal of dedication to customer satisfaction.

Consider BBA for your next capital projects ,BBA can help with:

  • Parts procurement
  • Logistics management
  • Project management

Our focus is to consistently exceed our customers’ expectations. We are dedicated to realizing significant advances in procurement in the transit industry and are consistently looking for ways that we can add value and deliver on our commitment to provide the highest quality service. Please refer to the list of current and past projects which give a good overview of our breath of experience.

  • Virginia Railway Express
  • Northern Indiana EMU
  • NJ Transit Bi-Level Cars
  • CTA 5000 Series
  • Edmonton LRV
  • Hampton Roads Transit LRV
  • Charlotte-II LRV
  • MBTA Blue Line Cars
  • Amtrak Viewliner II
  • Houston Metro LRV
  • Cincinnati LRV
  • Charlotte III LRV
  • Dallas SLRV
  • Seattle LRV
  • Dallas LRV
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