BBA-Project Inc


By tapping into our transit industry resources and expertise we can lower your development costs, assist you capture new opportunities, and deliver better solutions.


BBA Project understands the most important service we can offer is meeting your needs and requirements and that those needs are unique to your organization’s supply chain management. We manage the procurement of components and systems including the preparation of detailed technical specifications, handle negotiations with third party vendors, and monitor pricing trends and inventory levels.

Putting the pieces together is a key part of any procurement effort. Quality procurement requires careful planning, thorough understanding of the system requirements and cross-disciplinary engineering skills. We have experience in helping on newly developed systems as well as component integration for system replacements, upgrades and modernization.

Bin Stocking

We understand the importance of streamlined inventory management for your business. That’s why we offer a comprehensive bin stocking service designed to simplify your supply chain and ensure that you always have the parts and components you need when you need them.

Logistics Management

In order to facilitate smooth Global Sourcing transactions, BBA has a dedicated operations team to offer the best logistics solutions to our customers for handling shipments in the most timely, efficiently and economical way.

Global Supplier to the Transit Industry

BBA is authorized distributor of transit products and materials for use railcars and systems

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